Rescuing, Sheltering and Rehoming Companion Animals in the Columbia Valley of BC since 2007

Bella (Tiger)

Female – Tabby – Dark Brown & Tan – Distinct Brown nose and notch upper right ear.     Estimated birthdate:   approx 3-4 years old

Bella was found in the Cul de Sac in Spur Valley and brought in to the Vet as a lost cat.  She is already spayed.    We posted her on Facebook immediately looking for her owner.   She is very loving and friendly and appears to be well fed and cared for.     

Technically we have to put her up now for adoption since no one has claimed her.   If you see this post and she is yours, please call ICAN.    We are taking good care of her and still hopeful she can be reunited with her owner.   

UPDATE:  Dec 15, 2018 – I have a wonderful story to share with you.    

On Dec 14, 2018 a young lady came to ICAN to visit with our furry guests and noticed that one cat looked familiar.  She took a picture of this cat and showed it to her friend who recognized this cat.  The friend showed the photo to her mom who called me last night.  The mom thought this may be the family cat who had been missing for almost a year!!  The mom, daughter and the friend (who was wholly responsible for the reunion :)) came to ICAN to see”our” Bella.  The daughter immediately noticed the notch in Bella’s ear and got very emotional.  She had had Bella (“Tiger”) since she was a kitten and knew in an instant this was her”Tiger”.  Well, as you can imagine, her happy tears spilled over to all of us and a crying party commenced.   

Bella had somehow survived and is now back in the arms of her family.

This certainly shows us that it truly takes a community to do what ICAN does!  It is everyone that calls us when they see a cat that needs attention, traps or attends the vet office, if need be.  It is the young lady who came to visit our guests at ICAN that was able to reunite the family.  It is the kind donation that was given in gratitude and will help us with the needs of all of our other guests.  All of these things make this community incredible.

It was a happy day for all of us here!