Rescuing, Sheltering and Rehoming Companion Animals in the Columbia Valley of BC since 2007


Parent Category – contains all adoptable animals currently available and ready for adoption.


Freydo is a beautiful tuxedo with a black nose and a great personality.    Freydo is an inside/outside cat and litterbox trained.  He loves playing with his brothers Frankie & Frisky


Frisky is a beautiful grey and white with a quiet personality.    Frisky is an inside/outside cat and litterbox trained.  He loves playing with his brothers Frankie & Freydo.

Panda Bear

Panda Bear is a little shy and is a beautiful medium haired cat with a black heart on his nose.  Panda Bear has always been an indoor cat and is litterbox trained.   He plays fetch, opens cupboards, and will do very well as your only fur baby.  Panda Bear is a big old loving panda who loves his rubs and scratches enjoys an enclosed outdoor catio.  


Rascal is a very laid back, chill cat. He enjoys getting human attention and affection and getting lots of pets. He likes getting cat treats, wet food, and is a little playful. He is inside/outside fostered and is litter box trained.


Mickey, weighing in at over 18 lbs, is one big friendly giant.He is a very skilled climber and can hold his own hanging upside down. He enjoys being pet and held. He loves spending time outside and he
has a close relationship with his kitty friend Blaze. He is inside/outside fostered and is litterbox trained


Slinky is a very shy, reserved kitty. She does enjoy getting pets but does take her time before feeling comfortable around new humans. She REALLY loves getting treats to enjoy!! Slinky gets along with other felines. She is inside/outside fostered and is litterbox trained.


Chevy is a young, friendly kitty who likes being close with other felines. He is a bit shy and nervous to start but quickly comes around and wants human affection. He enjoys cuddling and being pet. He is inside fostered and is litterbox trained.


Baby is a senior male, 18 years old, and is a healthy boy. Baby is very laid back, loves cuddles and being brushed. He also enjoys going for a walk on a leash. Do you have the loving home for this senior boy to enjoy his golden years?


Mia is very affectionate, cuddly, and loves being pet, brushed, and snuggling up with you. She doesn’t care much for wet food but does enjoy her treats and playtime with toys. She has been an inside and outside cat and is litter trained. Is there room in your home for this lovely lady?