Rescuing, Sheltering and Rehoming Companion Animals in the Columbia Valley of BC since 2007


Parent Category – contains all adoptable animals currently available and ready for adoption.


Lucy (black and white long hair) is 2/3 years old she is very smart and friendly. She gets along with other cats and just had 5 babies but will be available for pick up around the 20th of December when the kittens are weaned. More information on Lucy will follow!


Toby (18 weeks) is a very affectionate and chatty cat, he loves to get as much attention as he can. He loves playing, especially with balls and can get vocal to other cats around him or even to himself which is very amusing. He loves his food and having lots of cuddles on the couch, laying in whatever position you put him in. Toby lives inside, uses a litter box and gets along well with others cats. 


Jasper (18 weeks) is a quiet chap who loves to lay around all day and have cuddles on the couch. He has a very playful side when he’s in the mood and loves his food. He has a mischievous streak to him but with that little goofy face who can resist him!
Jasper lives inside, is litter box trained and able to get on well with other cats. 


Lex is a young, beautiful Siamese male. He is very shy and a bit nervous adjusting to a new environment, but he is a very loving and friendly kitty. He sure is a purr machine and enjoys a good belly rub. He has enjoyed an indoor only lifestyle, is litter trained, and would be well suited in a quiet and relaxed home.


Finnegan is a well behaved and mellow senior cat. He loves his nap times, but also has a very youthful energy when it comes to playtime. He enjoys being pet and held, and being in close company to humans. He loves his cat treats and even does tricks and eats them right out of your hand. He has been an inside and outside cat and is litter trained. He would be content to just have a loving forever home with you.


Mia is very affectionate, cuddly, and loves being pet, brushed, and snuggling up with you. She doesn’t care much for wet food but does enjoy her treats and playtime with toys. She has been an inside and outside cat and is litter trained. Is there room in your home for this lovely lady?


Draco will be ready for adoption soon and he looks like he wants to go home with YOU!


Could Cedric be any cuter? He will be ready for adoption soon and his description will follow shortly.


MUFFIN is the sweetest and one of the most affectionate cats you’ll ever meet. Though he is shy and will get stressed in new environments, it won’t take long before he starts rubbing all over you and cuddling with you. He loves being with humans and just chilling in your lap or cuddling in bed. Let Muffin be YOUR snuggle buddy!

Spikey and Muffin

Spikey is a 8 year old male. He is one big cat with an even bigger heart. He is on the quiet, reserved side but likes being pet and shows his appreciation with the loudest, vibrating purrs. Our lion king but without the roar, chilled and a gentleman.
Muffin is a 8 year old male. He is a big, shy cat but is so very sweet and affectionate. He enjoys being pet and snuggling. He may be timid but he is such a sweet boy who will melt your heart from the get go.
Spikey and Muffin love being curled up with each other in any cozy environment. They have enjoyed an indoor only lifestyle so far and are litter box trained. Spikey and Muffin are bonded along with their mother Lulu and to keep them together discounted adoption fees are offered. Do you have the purrfect spot for them?