Rescuing, Sheltering and Rehoming Companion Animals in the Columbia Valley of BC since 2007

Rainbow Ridge

In Memory of our little girls and guys who passed through our lives before they moved onto their next lifetimes.


MALE – Tuxedo (black & white) Manx … Estimated birthdate: July 27, 2012

Snazzi is a handsome long-haired male manx (no tail).  He is quiet, gentle and very affectionate.  While older in age Snazzi still enjoys playing, including roll-overs to portray his happiness.  He is very personable and loves to sit on a human lap while has his fur groomed.  

Snazzi is adapting extremely well to other cats at ICAN.  However he can be spooked by louder noises such traffic on a nearby road.  Therefore a calm indoor home life would be ideal for this much deserving gentleman of a cat.

Despite the restrictions Covid has placed on our shelter open hours, we are accepting adoption applications as usual and arranging for private viewing sessions for all our Adoptables.

Adopted July 2021!


Male – Manx Tuxedo – Birthdate: July 12, 2019

1 of 4 kittens born to Patches #3 – (Paint, Panda, Penguin, Pinstripe) . In foster care and not available for adoption as at August 23, 2019. Health challenges.

Penguin’s issues too severe. Rainbow Ridge


Revy – Male – Tabby
Estimated Birthdate: July 6, 2018

This is one of 6 kittens that were rescued from underneath a 5th wheel trailer at Canyon RV Resort, by trailer owners visiting from Calgary.  They were  brought to ICAN in two batches, with first 3 being located July 19th and then the next day, July 20th, another 3 were found.     They are currently in care with an ICAN foster volunteer and are being bottle fed and nurtured as they would have been by their mother.  It is suspected the mother may have been transported either pregnant or with newborn kittens from Calgary.   Every attempt on ICAN’s part was made to locate the mother so we could reunite her with her kittens, but to no avail.

These little fellows (all boys) will be available for adoption but not until they are much older.  Adoption applications will be welcome come mid to late August, with a going home date falling in late September, 2018.   They are not available for viewing at this time.

Revy passed on in Vet’s care July 27, 2018


Name:   Hola

Birthdate:   August 13, 2017

Born while in ICAN care and fostered by ICAN volunteers.    Mother cat named Namaste and siblings Jambo, Hola, Konnichiwa.  These kittens will be available for adoption mid-October 2017.



Markz – Male – Tuxedo
Estimated birth date:   Unknown

Markz was spotted and reported to ICAN as a possibly injured cat near Canadian Tire 4 days before Christmas, 2016.    Our volunteer went up and followed his tracks and almost had him in the carrier with food but he got spooked.

The poor little fellow’s back end was one big ice cube and he was only walking on one of his back legs.  It took several hours and a call out for assistance from another volunteer, but we finally got him safe and into the Vet where it was determined he had a dislocated hip.

Markz was sadly euthanized dEC 20, 2016.    The vet figured that he was a feral and that the aftercare and rehab he would require after his hip surgery just wouldn’t be possible.  If it turned out that we did the surgery and he was a feral, then we would be sending a compromised cat out there to fend for himself.    RIP sweet little man.




Birthdate:  September 20, 2008

This little lady’s name is Milly.  She deserves nothing but the very best for the rest of her life.

We know she is very affectionate, very petite and is fine with other cats.  She has had a tumultuous life thus far, so we are looking for the perfect home for her to live out her forever, without any more upset.

Sadly, Milly left us on March 1, 2016 with two of our dedicated volunteers by her side.    RIP special little lady.





Ren – Male – Ginger with white markings

Birthdate:    March 2, 2006

This little man is Ren.  He just came to us in late February, 2016 and had to have his  leg removed due to extensive trauma to it.

Ren is an older fellow, who is very friendly and easy going. He loves temptation treats. He apparently is ok with other cats, but doesn’t like dogs all that much.  Ren is available for adoption now.

He really is a charmer.