Rescuing, Sheltering and Rehoming Companion Animals in the Columbia Valley of BC since 2007

Re-United with Guardian


We just LOVE happy endings and when occasional miracles pop up sometimes too!

Faucett was claimed by his family after being missing for 9 months. He is happy to know his family is coming to get him and he will remain at ICAN until they can get here.

Foxy #3

Male – Grey & Tan Tabby … Estimated Birthdate: TBA

Foxy #3 was turned into ICAN after been found stray in Radium Hot Springs area.

He was intact upon arrival, however we will be taking care of that shortly!

Foxy is friendly, and seem to be fine with other cats. We have not determined his age yet, but he seems to be a young adult male.

Once Foxy has been neutered he will be ready to go to a real home, so if you are interested, call to arrange a viewing. He is a very attractive little guy.


Update: Foxy’s family saw our post about him on Facebook and he is back with them.


Reunited with family


Male – Tan Tabby Longhair .. Estimated Birthdate: August 13, 2018

Little Chiclet was literally found up a tree in Radium and taken in overnight by a local, then picked up by ICAN. Posted as Found on Facebook but as yet no one has claimed him.

This little fellow is just plain handsome and while we are still getting to know him and learn more about his personality, so far we can tell you he is a darling.  Very social and loves to play with an extremely mellow personality ūüôā

Chiclet looks so much like one of our special rescues from 3 years ago that several of us did a double take upon seeing him. Come back and visit us soon to find out more about him or better yet, make an appointment to come and visit him and see for yourself!

Successfully reunited with companion. February 2019


Aruba – Female – Tabby – Black & Tan

Estimated Birthdate:  August 4, 2015

Caller from Fairmont area reported Aruba and brought her in.    We initially post all lost and found animals on our Facebook page, and now, after 5+ days with no response, we have named her Aruba and she is now available for adoption.

REUNITED WITH GUARDIAN – Sept 4, 2018¬† ¬†Aruba’s family was found!¬† Aruba went home today ūüôā


Buckwheat – intact Male

Intake date:  February 1, 2018

Buckwheat has been reunited with his family!!¬† Thanks to one of wonderful residents of Radium for bringing him in.¬† If it wasn’t for all our locals who help in this regard and to our social media for getting the pictures and information out… this would probably not have happened.


Buckwheat has gone home and we celebrate another successful story.


Lucky – Female

Kitten Crusade success story.  Lucky was reunited with her guardian after ICAN assisted Spay.


Jade – Female

Reunited with Owner!

This silver tabby has a story and is therefore no longer at ICAN.  Late last winter someone trapped a couple of semi-feral young cats from the Windermere dump and was working on socializing them.  While taking them to the vet for s/n surgeries in late Feb. ( still at old location ) the female named Jade escaped.

It seems that this kitty who was trapped today at ICAN was Jade.¬†¬† Just so you all know we ( ICAN vollies and this lady ) searched for a long time for try jade-nov-5-2016to find Jade.¬† We set traps for a couple weeks, and ended up catching a few other kitties and kittens that we then took off the streets, but never again saw hide nor hair of Jade….until today.¬† The lady was overjoyed today to get notification that we might have Jade and came and happily took her home.

Here is the story in Jade’s guardian’s own words:-

MISSING WILD CAT in Athalmere about a year ago!! Meet Jade I lost her roughly a year ago at the vets office the day her and her brother Jag were to get fixed.

I contacted Lana and Sylvia at ICAN who right away assisted me with setting up live traps and eventually a spay/neuter catch and release program in hopes to trap out beloved Jade. Well we had a couple of close calls and false alarms but my oldest son kept hoping we would find her.

Winter ended spring came and than summer and fall and now it’s early winter. Every time we went by or into the industrial park we looked in hopes to catch a glance of Jade but we never caught sight of her. This morning I received a text message from Lana informing me to get in touch with Sylvia that they may have caught our Jade, I was in total disbelief to say the least but I contacted Sylvia and we made a time to meet and compare pictures to the cat that they trapped. And well I’m in total shock I was reunited with Jade.

We came home and reunited her with her brother receiving kisses, she is finally home safe sound and enjoying her cuddles yet again. A huge thank you to all that helped out with the live traps early on in the search for her, and another huge thank you to Lana and Sylvia. A true Life lesson that you never lose hope, miracles do happen!!

Found-Dog-Castle Rock-Westside Road


Another success story!    Sophie is being re-united with her owner December 20, 2015.

Found December 19, 2015 on Westside Road at the Castlerock turn off. Please let us know if you know this sweet dog!

This dog¬†was found by some people from Calgary on Westside Road and the Castlerock junction.¬† They then handed the dog off to a young man who was walking his dog nearby. ¬†This dog is currently at the home of one of our volunteers. ¬†¬†¬† Dog control was¬†tried to be notified before ICAN picked up the dog, but he hasn’t answered.¬† I am uncertain whether a voicemail was left for him or not.


Zippo (Ratty)

Reported Lost August, 2015.  Turned into ICAN Рas a found animal Nov 25, 2015.   REUNITED WITH OWNER РNovember 26, 2015

Ratty-Ziggy-12-2015Ratty went missing in August near Sobeys!  He went home today with his family.   This is the one that ICAN had named Zippo.

The family was overjoyed but it took them a long time to figure out if it was really Ratty or not.  They took him home to find out and sure enough, he loved up on their dogs, just like he used to and he also rode in the car just like he always used to, sitting up on the seat like a statue!

Black cat with a very small bit of white on chest. Very friendly. Light green eyes. ¬†¬†Missing from the Sobey’s parking lot. Medium size – named Ratty.

Dexter (Mr. Sox)

Update:    REUNITED WITH FAMILY DEC 12, 2015.  Real name:  Mr. Sox

This is not the first time that Mr. Sox has gone M.I.A. for a few months at a time but hopefully it’s the last.  He’ll be confined to indoors for a while now though.  Mr. Sox gratefully gave ICAN a donation and his gramma says he’ll also be sending a card.

Male РIntake date:   Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Very affectionate and chatty!    Found and turned in from the Wilmer area.

We have taken in yet another stray cat today, and again one from Wilmer.  He’s a  big friendly tabby and is in the ISO shed.  Hopefully someone is looking for him as he’s a neutered male, so has obviously had a responsible home.