Rescuing, Sheltering and Rehoming Companion Animals in the Columbia Valley of BC since 2007


If you are interested in volunteering and joining the team we have a number of volunteering opportunities available.  
Volunteer Application link.     There is no contribution too small.

Our Team approach to the operation and management of the ICAN facility guarantees that all Volunteer’s can choose to contribute in a way they are comfortable with and that best utilizes individual skills.   For example, we have several dedicated volunteers who are allergic to animals, but who contribute regularly from home by creating marketing materials, helping with fundraising, event planning or tending a booth at a local event.

We hope you will take a moment to review the different opportunities below, and consider joining us.
Seniors who no longer have a pet at home and who miss having a furry companion, are invited to come by the center regularly to socialize with our companions.   It feels good to give!    Every moment you donate to ICAN makes a difference to an animal who has no home.

Facility Team:

Captain of Clean 
The cats count on you to ensure cleaning is done properly to prevent illness and disease control.  This volunteer job is completed daily by our volunteers.
Example Tasks: Laundry schedule, Mentoring new cleaners, Restock items in the outer sheds.

Handy Mandy  Maintenance
Stay on top of facility upkeep so cats and volunteers are safe. If you are a tradesperson and would like to volunteer your skills to a worthwhile organization, we would love to have you!
Example Tasks: Building repairs as necessary, Lawn care, tree trimming, snow removal.

Fundraising Team

Event Based Volunteers
Help plan, organize and execute fundraising events. These events usually occur on a weekend and can be sporadic.  
Example Tasks: Prepare items for fundraiser, Plan details of event, Help out the day of fundraiser.

Animal Care Team

Foster Friend
Provide foster care for a few days to a few months for a litter of kittens with or without a mom, for a special dietary adult cat or for a cat in need.  All food and supplies required, are provided to you.
Example Tasks: Provide a safe, loving, inside space in your home for the foster companion.

Superwomen/man Rescuing small animals
Rescue abandoned or stray animals and head TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return) program.
Example Tasks: TNR program organization, Locate barns/ranches for feral, Reunions with guardians or adopters, socialization skills, transporting animals to and from the vets and other communities.

As a Volunteer with ICAN, you have Rights and Responsibilities, which will be shared with you during your initial orientation of the shelter