Rescuing, Sheltering and Rehoming Companion Animals in the Columbia Valley of BC since 2007



What should I bring when I pick up my companion?

CATS – A carrier to transport the feline companion to her new home. We do not allow cats to leave the property if they are not secure in a carrier. It is unsafe to travel with a cat loose in a vehicle.

DOGS – A harness or collar and a leash.

SMALL ANIMALS – A carrier to transport the small animal to his her home

Can I adopt a companion for someone else?
Not unless you are adopting a companion for your children, and you will be the primary caregiver of that companion.

Is there a fee for adoption?
An adoption donation is crucial to help offset some of the costs, such as veterinary care, food and shelter while the companions are in our care.


What are your hours?
Open hours from 11am – 3pm Tuesday to Saturday, closed all Statuary Holidays.    If you have an emergency please call the Invermere Vet Clinic at 250-342-7007 or 250-342-5263 after hours.
The animals care at the shelter is funded entirely by donations and fundraising efforts in our community.

ICAN is a “no-kill” shelter, what does this mean?
“No-kill” means that animals in our care will not be euthanized because they have been with us for ‘too long’ and are taking up space; because they are sick, injured, or physically disabled; or have behavioral issues. Euthanasia, in consultation with a veterinarian, is considered as a last resort only in those cases where an animal is suffering from an untreatable, painful and terminal illness or injury with no hope of recovery or quality of life; or where professional assessment concludes that an animal’s behavioral problems cannot be managed, thereby making him/her a threat to the public.

Where are you located?
We are at 455 Panorama Drive. Take the turn to Panorama. At the bottom of the hill on your right, you will see a CP Rail office and then a Petro Canada Bulk Station. When you see the bulk station, look straight ahead and you will see a little alley road that veers off to the right. We are located on this road in the second house. There is an ICAN sign on the fence and a graveled parking area available.


Why do I have to give my information to surrender a companion?
We must keep records of all companions coming and going through the shelter. All personal information is kept confidential, although we will discuss the animal’s past care with their veterinarian if necessary. Also, the more information you can provide, the better we are able to match your surrendered companion with the right home.

Is there a fee for surrendering a companion?
There is no fee for surrendering, although a donation towards future care would be appreciated.