Rescuing, Sheltering and Rehoming Companion Animals in the Columbia Valley of BC since 2007


There are times when it is impossible for a guardian to keep their companion animal with them, for any number of reasons. We also realize that many people find stray, homeless animals that they would like to help, but can’t.  That is one of the reasons we are here.   Although we do not charge a fee for surrendering an animal, donations towards their vet bills and future care are always appreciated.

We do have levels of priority which we adhere to when contacted about surrendering.

Any cat/kitten that is, or is suspected of being, neglected or harmed;
Stray injured cats/kittens;
Stray pregnant or nursing cats;
Stray kittens;
Kittens who have a guardian but are unwanted (we require that the mom of these kittens be spayed after her kittens are surrendered to us; we will not take numerous litters from the same household);
Cats who need to be rehomed due to unforeseeable circumstances in the household.

Dogs can be surrendered by their guardian to ICAN provided we have a foster home available for them while a new home is being found;
Dogs needing to be rehomed when we do not have a foster home immediately available, will be courtesy posted on our website and Facebook page and their information emailed to our volunteers to try to find the dog a new home as soon as possible;
All stray or found dogs must be taken to the local dog control officers for the area in which they were found.

Rabbits/Small Animals:
Rabbits and small animals are taken in when space permits. Priority will be given to rabbits or small animals that are being neglected, abused and/or living in an unsafe environment.