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Mica #2

Mica #2
Male – Light Butter-Color with white and brown Tabby

Estimated Birthdate:   July 30, 2018

The Gems litter (Onyx, Mica (initially Coral til we got a good look 🙂, Topaz, Zircon) were found in a greenhouse in Canal Flats.

They were obviously from a feral mom and so she was trapped and the whole family was brought into foster care until the kittens were weaned and socialized and the mom could be spayed after which she was released back to her territory where she will  continue to live her life as a feral but will no longer have to hunt for a living nor produce any more off spring.

Mica had a rough start after being weaned from his feral mom, and also was the smallest of the litter, so he initially fell behind his siblings in growing and developing.  He is the most adorable kitten, and is small for his age at the moment.  He’s doing great now though and will soon catch up to the others.

ADOPTED October 1, 2018