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Birthdate:  April 15, 2015Cruse3

We called this little guy Cruise because he was such a character.  Always on the move, always the FIRST to try anything.   His new family took him home straight from foster care and renamed him as Tigger.   Since then Tigger has moved to a new house in a different town in BC and he is still a handsome little fellow and full of character as you can see from the photos below.  Here is what his family has to say about him:-

August 2015 Update:

“Tigger has been a great addition to our lives and I can’t believe how happy we are. He has grown since we brought him home and is quite the young man. He has gone through many stages and phases such as hiding in cupboards, chasing his toys around the house, finding new nooks to nap in, and most recently Tigger enjoys sitting on the toilet seat watching the water fall and drip down the shower stall. The back yard is yet another new place to explore and after spending a day or so learning his new fenced boundaries sitting on and relaxing under the deck close to the house seems to be his new lounging spot.”

December, 2015 Update:
Tigger’s Mom and Dad sent this Christmas photo for us.     Isn’t he just a beauty!    Merry Christmas Tigger and hugs to your family.