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I just wanted to do a quick update on Don. I adopted him from you about 2 months ago.

The little munchkin is slowly but surely coming out of his shell although my guess is that he will always be a more timid cat. He is now wandering the house and being a bit more curious than he once was.

During the day, he is still a bit skittish, running away when I try to reach down an pet him. At night, he is a little snuggle bug, curling up next to my legs and to Dusky for warmth and companionship.

Don loves attacking wagging doggy tails, cat tails, strings, and lazer lights. Pretty much anything that moves that catches his attention must be attacked. Unfortunately, this also includes hands and feet when they move under the covers at night. The little munchkin has no clue what he is doing, but it sure does hurt! We finally were brave enough to trim his nails (again not wanting to scare him too much), so I am hoping that will help with being awakened by a mischievous cat!

He has truly become a member of our home. Thank you so much for letting us take him into our family.