Rescuing, Sheltering and Rehoming Companion Animals in the Columbia Valley of BC since 2007


Female – Tabby Calico – Estimated Birthdate: Sept 4, 2018

Duchess and her kitten Toulouse were picked up by ICAN after being found hungry and thin in the Canal Flats area. Taken into foster care by an ICAN volunteer, these two have been nurtured and given Veterinary care and have come a long way.

Duchess has been a little sweetheart right from the get go, so both she and Touloose are well socialized. Dutchess doesn’t seem (at this point) to care much for dogs.

Toulouse was adopted in September 2019.

Now that Duchess can be a kitten herself again, she is really enjoying playing with another young mother cat – Patches #3 – likely due in part to the fact that they’re both so young with Patches being about 10 months old and Duchess being just over a year.

Both of these young gals are friendly and love human attention! Now they are spayed and can act like kittens again! 

ADOPTED December 2019