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Female – Calico “tuxedo” markings, white blaze on face, Green eyes   – Birthdate: July 29, 2019

Personality:  Esperanza can be as rowdy and playful as her siblings; but she tends to drop out sooner, looking for a nap or cuddle.  She loves to be cuddled, and purrs with attention.  She is able to move about quite ably and quickly, even leaping, but her rear left leg does not fully extend. Likes being “placed” at her wet food dish.  Litter box trained, fostered inside only.

Post Surgery – recovering well in her ICAN foster home.

Esperanza as most of you know from our Facebook posts, came into ICAN care with a medical problem. =Many caring sources came together and she was able to received the surgery she needed.

It was a tricky one:  she had a Grade 4 luxated patella that required surgical replacement from the back outside of her leg to the proper position in front center of her joint.  To accomplish this, her lower leg bone had to be reshaped and pinned into alignment as well.  It is believed that this surgery will “take”, keeping the patella in the correct place, and functioning; and that her leg growth plates are intact enough to continue to grow with her. In the meantime she heals under the love and care of an experienced ICAN volunteer.

Please come back to visit her soon tho, for further updates. Inquiries about her can be made to ICAN . We will add the link to our Adoption Form once she is deemed ready to leave her current nest

November 30, 2019 – UPDATE:-
Esperanza has the following THANK YOU to everyone of you who contributed to her care, transportation and surgery costs.

“I would very much like to thank all of those who contributed to my leg repair and follow up attention.  I especially note Paws For Hope (Burnaby) for their immediate and generous grant, the Invermere Veterinary Hospital for their diagnosis and prompt referral for surgery, Dr. Audrey Remedios and her team at McKnight 24 Hour Veterinary Hospital in Calgary for their prompt and generous medical attention, Sylvia Schulz for being a great roommate and driver.  I also thank the well-wishers who donated funds to ICAN on my behalf, and who sent their messages.  My foster Mom would like to thank you all as well, and her family support.    Thank you, Esperanza.”

February 2020 update: Esperanza continues to heal nicely and is still being nurtured and socialized at her ICAN foster home, where she is integrating with other animals. Esperanza’s leg shows a variance of flexibility.  Some days she appears to limp more when walking, and at other times, she is almost “normal” in the use of her leg.  She continues to sit with her leg out and to her left, and probably sleeps with it more extended as well, though it isn’t as obvious. She so far is still developing muscle which may increase the smoothness and consistent strength of her leg. 

Esperanza is close to being “adoptable”, but she will need an experienced adopter.  She would be safest as an inside only cat.  Climbing (which she likes) should be made safe and supervised when possible.  Leaping up on furniture, or “stepping up is alright, but not screen doors where she risks being “caught” on her weak leg.   She loves to cuddle (careful lift and hold on the “weak” side) or “supervise” the tasks at hand.  She will tend to grab and “bite” if she senses too much attention is being given to her leg (physical examination or touching).  She loves to play with string and is fairly agile.  When bored, she amuses herself, preferring stuffed mice and twisted pipe cleaners which she drops into the water for some reason.  They are then unacceptable for play until they dry out, so she will search out another toy, leaving wet surprises about for bare or sock clad feet.  🙂

NOTE: Adopted – to the best home ever – one she knew and loved!

ADOPTED June 2020