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Flame – Dental Surgery Assistance

Hi Everyone!

This is Flame sending a few pictures so you can see how great I’m doing. I’ve been with my Foster Family for a few months now, and am thriving.

However, lately I’m having a problem.  My teeth are hurting me.  Eating is difficult, and I even drool when trying to eat crunchies.

Foster Mom took me to the Vet for a general check-up, and dental exam.  My overall health is great, but the teeth, not so good.  My Dr. said I need moderate to major dentistry to remove years of tartar build-up, and possibly an extraction or two. This is going to cost about $1,000.00, depending on how much work needs to be done.

The thing is, if if the surgery is not done, my teeth will continue to degenerate, causing me pain, and most likely, infection will set in….

I’m in such good health otherwise, I do plan on enjoying life to the fullest, cuddling, racing through the house, and chasing toys for another 4 – 5 years.

PURRdy please, can you assist ICAN, to help me, with a financial donation?  If so, here’s how:

To make a donation by cheque please make it payable to ICAN, and mail it to: PO Box 2448, Invermere BC, V0A 1K0. Kindly note in memo section: “Flame’s dental surgery”.

Cash – in person:
We always have someone available who would be happy to meet with you.  Just call us at: (250) 341-7888 to arrange a meeting.

Interac e-Transfer:
Donations by Interac e-Transfer can be sent to  Please contact us separately if necessary re security question and specify in notes section funds are for Flame’s dental surgery.

An Income Tax receipt can be issued for a donation of $20.00 or more.  If a receipt is requested your full name and mailing address must be provided at the time the donation is made.

Thank You Everyone.  Your help is so very appreciated !


January 28, 2020 

It’s me again, Flame.
My dental surgery is completed now, so want to let you know I’m doing just fine. I feel SO much better!  I can eat Temptations without drooling,  and can chew comfortably, ‘cause my teeth don’t hurt me anymore. 

Thank You Everyone, the  Biggest Thank You Ever,  for your help!