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Charlie-2Update from new home!   Your first update! Charlie is good, he was quiet the whole ride home in the car, got out of the carrier and made a slow stalk through the house. Has discovered his safe spot up stairs and you will find him there if anyone moves too fast, too slow, makes too much noise or if he needs a time out from all our love. He growled when he saw our neighbour, and when he heard Kelly come home from work , but was quick to jump on Kelly’s lap when he came and sat down 🙂 He slept on our bed with us move of the night, about 6am started a war with Kelly’s toes, egged on by of course Kelly 🙂
He used his litter box, just tried to drink my coffee, follows me around, he is currently head butting my back, annoyed that  I am typing- all and all he is doing great 🙂 Thank you again, I will keep you updated!

Charlie came to us after living for 2  years outside on his own.  He is absolutely the most affectionate cat in the world once he feels safe with you (and that doesn’t take long)!  He needs an experienced home though, as he doesn’t like being picked up or ‘confined’ in any way and can lash out with a little bite if he feels threatened.  He has made HUGE strides in the past month while at ICAN and he loves nothing more than laying on a lap and being petted for hours on end!  Just watch this video to see him in action!!