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Griffin #2

Griffin #2 – Male-  White & Orange

Birthdate:  May 17, 2018

This little guy owes his life to a kind person at the Windermere dump and ICAN – after getting a call of a found kitten…only days old, alone, and screaming.  Eyes not open, umbilical cord still attached. Long story short, off to the rescue. Off to the Vet. This tiny infant was deemed to be 3 or 4 days old but he was in pretty good shape despite his situation. Not too dehydrated, had strength in his tiny body, and once given water and KMR he latched onto the bottle like it was the real thing.

He was taken into ICAN foster care with the same family who was fostering Mia’s kittens and Mia has accepted him as one of her own.   He is growing up with Mia’s kittens who are named:

Maurie, Mave, Maxi, Merv(in), and Mona.   Along with the 5 siblings, a little fellow named Griffin was able to find a mother cat who accepted him, since he was on his own.

They are all in ICAN foster care until they have been weaned and become ready for adoption early to mid  July, 2018.

Foster Home Update:  June 18, 2018
These little guys were still focused on nursing and sleeping, with short bursts of exploration, until this last week.  They now roam freely in their space, and exhibit “girlfriend” bathroom excursions, including Merv and Griff.  Maurie has her own drummer, so every once in a while she’s sitting by herself in some other zone.  Griffin is alert to anything that might produce something to eat.    Mona and Maxi tend to be explorers, and need reminding when meals are served.  Merv and Mave like to explore too, but can stop to play with each other, or whomever passes their line of sight, including Mamma Mia.  Mia is a doting mother to all, always sniffing, licking, and occasionally carrying them.  In the last few days, this is not so graceful as before; they are bigger and heavier.  They are all quite people friendly.  The few hiss-puffs have been a true startle once or twice, and a couple of times just showing off.

ADOPTED July 8, 2018.