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Gucci – Guido

Adorably gentle and good-natured Gucci!  Gucci is amazing with other cats, dogs and pretty much anything (except young kids  – they scare him)!   GucciOnce he has tagged you as his person, he wants to be by your side and involved in whatever you are doing.  He really is a gem!

Gucci is now Guido and was adopted into a loving home.   Here is what his family has to say and we thank them for the following March 2016 update and photo.

“Guido’s Story (Gucci)

Guido’s one year anniversary has passed. He has fit in nicely with his Fur Family. Here he (close) is pictured bird watching with Lefty and Cooper. Missing from the photo is Jack our Black Lab. Guido loves to cuddle with Jack. We have managed to convince all three cats to be indoor dwellers.
Guido just cannot get too much loving. He crawls onto my knee whenever I sit and I have to type around him. He is in the middle of every project I start, and his favourite naps are with all three of his fur brothers at the same time.
To Guido we promise that you will always feel safe and loved. You will never go without food or a warm place to sleep. You share your love so freely with everyone that visits. Thank you for joining us here and always making our days interesting.Gucci-Guido-Mar2016
Love you Doug and Judy”