Rescuing, Sheltering and Rehoming Companion Animals in the Columbia Valley of BC since 2007


May 2015:-   Honeysuckle came to us – orphaned at 3 weeks of age, along with her sisters Dallas and Sweet Pea, and brothers Chase and Cruise.    Shuffles-Tree-1

Birthdate:  April 15, 2015.    She too was adopted straight from foster care into another loving home and renamed Shuffles.  Pretty little girl she is too.

August, 2015:   Here is a wonderful update from Shuffles new family:-
Shuffles has been such an amazing addition to my family, bringing such joy and love into the house. She is an adventurous kitten, and stops at nothing to find out what is causing new sounds around the house, and wants to be involved in everything.

Shuffles also loves to hide around corners and jump out at your feet and legs, never using her claws, its quickly become one of her favourite games to play indoors! dsmknA> (That was a message from Shuffles herself!) 

Shuffles loves to spend time outdoors with her Pops (my father, who refers to her as his grandkid)! They spend hours outside just sitting enjoying the fresh air, and exploring all the little hiding places the back yard has to offer, to which she then plays hide and seek with me. She even likes to show off how well she can climb the trees in the yard, never scared to go up, up, up!

Shuffles-waterShe loves the water, and loves to watch the movement it has to offer, one of her favourite places to get some fresh H2O is from the bathroom sink, which she lays in to let me know she needs a drink.

When I have a phone conversation with my mother, often Shuffles is the first topic of conversation, and Mom always makes a point to talk to her grandkitten, as she likes to refer to her. Not a day goes by that I am not thankful for adopting such a wonderful cat, and not only has she enriched my life, but my friends and families as well.