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Howler (aka) Mr. Kitty

Howler – Male – Tuxedo – Long Haired

Estimated Birthdate:   Sept 19, 2016

Howler was turned into ICAN  as a stray and we did post him on Facebook hoping to reunite him if he had owners looking for him.   No responses, so he is now in ICAN foster care and available for viewing and adoption.

Howler (aka Mr. Kitty)  wanted to tell you about himself, so here’s what he has to say to his prospective new family (maybe it’s you!) 🙂

Hi:   You can call me Howler or you can call me Mr. Kitty, or if you want to change my name again, that’s OK too!     My foster Mom thought that it was about time that I started sending updates myself – that it might help me find my furever home if you all knew how incredible I am.     I have settled in very well, in fact I am so clever that I have already figured out my foster family’s routines and go to my favorite place when they leave for work.   See my latest photo – I think I look pretty happy up there, as you can see I do like to be in high places.   I haven’t lived up to my name Howler, now that I am comfortable with my foster Mom and Dad and know I can sleep on their bed, I haven’t had any reason to howl.  Once and a while, I do provide Foster Mom with a greeting when she asks.

Foster Mom and Dad are not sure what to call me, they have tried, Charley, Rory, George, Gatto and nothings seems to stick and they keep going back to Mr. Kitty……  I am sure that one of these days I will get my real name.

It was an exciting day for me yesterday, I got to try Greenie kitty candies, I liked them so much that I didn’t even chew them which Foster Mom didn’t think was such a good idea.  I will even jump high in the air when she is closing the bag just to try and get another one…yummy.   I also got a new toy with a stick, string and feather, I think this is great and will run after it when someone pulls it along for me.  They finally figured out that if they attach it to something I can play by myself since I never wanted to stop.  To top it all off I got a catnip cigar, very fun to lick and then kick it with my back paws.    So much news which is cutting into my napping time……. Until next update.     Mr Kitty aka Howler

Update:   October 17, 2018    Look at this photo ……

I am not even sure where to start, if you can believe it I have already been adopted by my furever home!     Foster Mom and Dad spoiled me rotten, even more than usual on Saturday and I was getting a bit worried that something bad was going to happen.     Then on Sunday, I saw my food, kitty litter and special toys being packed up so I got really worried at that point.  My catnip cigar (the best ever) was still on the floor along with my favorite feather so I decided I would just chill out in my newest yoga pose until I could figure out what was going on. I am sending a photo since I am particularly proud of this one!

Later that afternoon two very nice people who I met once before came by to see me again.  They are very nice and seemed to be very excited about something.  Foster Mom lifted me up and put me in the carrier, I am such a good boy I just went in without a complaint.  Foster Mom was being silly kissing me through the door but what can I say other than thank you Foster Mom and Dad you were great but this is the real thing!     My new Mom and Dad sent Foster Mom a very long note the day after I was gone and she wanted me to share just a little part of it. “He is the best cat ever, we are SO happy!  He has been a great addition already and we can’t wait to spoil him!”     Big hugs to all the hardworking ICAN staff and volunteers, you are the best.     Love Mr. Kitty