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Jack Frost

Jack Frost – Tabby – Male

Estimated birth date:   Jan 19, 2010

Mr. Jack Frost was brought in January 13, 2017 as a stray. He was thought to be a feral cat.  Normally, in the case of feral cats, we will have them spayed or neutered and then release them back to the area that they were trapped from.

Well this little man had us perplexed from almost the get go! Within a few minutes of him being released, he acted more like a shut down, scared old soul. The decision was made to give him 2 weeks or so and see if any progress could be made on his trust level. Well, we are happy to report that after only a few days in foster care, small signs are being seen that he is desperate, but way, way to mistrustful to ask, for affection. We will continue working with this amazing boy – he has it in him, of that we are now sure.

Just a little update on Jack Frost, the completely shut down stray that we have been working with for the past few weeks. Today he actually purred and played for the first time. Then if that that weren’t enough of a reward, he rolled over for a belly rub too

Feb 2017 update:

Jack has come leaps and bounds since he first arrived, terrified and totally shut down.

He is still learning to explore other areas of the house, and is still very shy of new people.   With the right person to give him a home, he will come around and learn to love that person just as much as he does his current foster family.

He is a playful, quiet boy who loves giving head butts, hugs and getting belly rubs.

If this progress keeps up, Mr. Jack Frost could be ready to meet his new family by the middle of March 2017.

ADOPTED March 24, 2017