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Name:  Kiri   (Female)
Estimated Birth date:   November 15, 2015

Kiri has had a very tough life up to this point. She is a spayed female, mixed breed weighing 7 kg. She is estimated to be 18 months or so of age. Kiri arrived in Invermere on November 25th. At that point, she was very hesitant to leave her kennel and would not let anyone touch her.     Initially named Amani.

Over the next two days, she took food from our hands and allowed some Tellington TTouch. Eventually we were able to pick her up.
Over the next week, her progress was amazing. She loves to cuddle and be carried, roams the house and enjoys going outside on the leash.

She will growl or bark if strangers reach out to pet her…but we are continuing to socialize her and after the initial growl, she often moves in for a sniff. She has not yet had the opportunity to meet children. While she doesn’t play with our dogs- her foster sisters- she does not shy away or ignore them. She is timid of other dogs but allows them to sniff her and she will sniff in turn.

She loves to chew on bones and other dog toys, will sleep in her kennel at night and while she doesn’t ask to go out, is housetrained and has not had accidents since she has allowed us to leash her and take her out. She has an inquisitive, curious and sweet disposition and would make a lovely companion. She enjoys long walks and I anticipate she would make a great little running and hiking partner.

ADOPTED January 7, 2017