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Little Starr

LittleStarr-08-16-16LITTLE STARR – Female

TAB Birthdate:    June 6/16Twinkle-LittleStarr-2-08-16-16Twinlkel-LittleStar-08-16-16

Twinkle and Little Starr – these two sisters will be available for adoption near mid-August!

Hi Everyone, I’m Little Starr.  I would love to be able to stay with my sister, Twinkle, if you have room for 2 of us 🙂

We are lively girls.  Loving to romp around, explore, and rough house with each other.  Then, after eating, all we want is a warm lap, or chest, or shoulder, to curl up on, for our morning, afternoon, and evening naps.

We love to cuddle!

If you’re looking for laughter, and love, we will be happy to keep you amused.