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Lost Smudge near Wilder Subdivision (12th Avenue)

Contact: Eileen Weir – or 250-342-0133
Location: Wilder Subdivision (12th Avenue) – Missing since Tuesday afternoon, June 3, 2014
Smudge is four years old. His fur is completely white and his fur is medium length. His eyes are green. He likes dust baths so he may look unkempt. He is friendly once he knows people but is timid otherwise.

Smudge came to me as a city house cat when he was two years old and just loves the freedom of being able to spend lots of time outside. He sleeps in quiet secure places…some times in his basket, sometimes in a closet….sometimes on the roof of my house. BUT he always comes home at least twice during the day to eat his kibble which is kept in the house and get attention.

Smudge is very curious and loves to explore. He notices changes…. a door that is open is an opportunity to explore. I am worried that he may have wandered into a building/room and the door was closed. SMUDGE HAS A VERY SOFT VOICE which is barely heard….. so the chance that he will be heard through a closed door is not very high. I have alerted with the neighbours.

Smudge tends to avoid/run from dogs but recognizes them as dangerous.