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Montego-Malibu-07-17Malibu-08-17-16Malibu – Female

New Name:   Ellie

TAB Birthdate:  June 11, 2016

Malibu is an almost black tabby with distinct grey tabby markings that will come out more as she gets a bit older.   Wisps of white are already showing on her forelegs.   Like Montego, Malibu arrived into ICAN care on July 13, 2106 and is residing in a foster home with her sister and her brother Montana.   Amazingly well developed little girl, we believe she would have been the strongest of this litter from the get go.Malibu-07-14-16

Malibu is also the watcher of the group.   She won’t be the first to begin a wrestling match, but when it comes to her, she can hold her own.   Loves to cuddle and falls asleep quickly in the arms of a human.

More photos to come.  Malibu isn’t one to jump up and have her photo taken 🙂



The entire family LOVES her!  She has come out of her shell, and her companion says, “She is everything she ever wanted”.  Awh-h-h.