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Marmalade (Popcorn)

Marmalade – Male

Est. Birth Date:   Sept 6, 2016
New Name:  Popcorn

Darkest Orange fluffy tabby boy
Marmalade is one of the feistiest for wrestling with his siblings. He’s also one of the most gregarious, outgoing of the entire litter. He’s the first to greet you when he sees you.

Marmalade marmalade-11_28_16-137also has a good set of lungs on him and will meow to get your attention whenever he’s hungry or wants some snuggling. He enjoys being picked up and cuddled.   He was also fostered for a while in a home with a bunny rabbit, and he really loved that rabbit.

ADOPTED December 7, 2016

We love updates! Here is one from Marmalade’s (now Popcorn) new family. We are happy that he is fitting right in <3

**I am happy to say this little guy is adjusting very well in his new home. He loves to be cuddled and have his belly rubbed.He has so much playful energy and spunk he runs around the whole house. our other cat played strange for half a day and now they play together!
I can’t say enough about all of your hard work at ICAN.   The adjustment to his new home was that much easier because of such good care and socializing you all gave him.
I will send more updates as he grows up 😊
Thank you again for our new member of our family he fits right in!