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Ms. Butterworth

Ms. Butterworth – Female – Manx
Estimated Birthdate: Sept 18, 2016

Brought to ICAN April 18, 2017 in pregnant condition.    Ms. Butterworth went into foster care immediately at the home of one of our most active volunteers.   She gave birth April 27, 2017 to 5 healthy kittens.    We call them the “breakfast bunch” because from the get go Ms Butterworth has been a fantastic Mother cat and all of the kittens are flourishing.

Kittens  are:     2 Manx – named Crumpet (Male) and Quiche (Male).   The other 3 have full tails and are  Waffle Female), Strudel (Male) and Fritter (Female)

More photos to come as kittens get older.   Ms. Butterworth will be available for adoption around the end of June after her kittens have been weaned.

ADOPTED JULY 2, 2017 – Name changed to Penny