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Muffy#1UPDATE from her new dad:   Muffy has been out on the deck all morning today and she is definitely becoming more interactive and quite chatty at times in fact, she’s very affectionate, especially when Temptations are involved haha. Laser brings out the hunter-killer kitten in her which is very amusing. She’s got a lovely character,… quite the little lady. She voices her appreciation for things and says good morning too She loves a good brush down. I’m happy to see her settling in a bit more each day, and she can have all the time and space she needs for that. It’s a real pleasure to have her around. Thank you for all that you and the other volunteers at ICAN do.
It’s quite incredible to see the change in this wee girl the last week or so.  I had somewhat resigned myself to the possibility she may always be a bit stand-offish as some cats can just be that way, but she has lately become quite interactive, responsive and talkative and has even started to come say hello when I get home.  She is really starting to relax, not so skittish and now using other parts of the place, she just finished rolling around and stretching in the sun by the door and has taken to hanging out in the living room when I’m around. Occasionally there are impromptu cat-galloping sessions around the house, sometimes these seem to occur at 5am – apparently there’s a ghost-laser beam that I’m not seeing, but she’s on it though so all is good 🙂