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MALE – MEDIUM HAIR – Ginger & White … Estimated Birthdate: April 30, 2018

Ollie#2 has had an interesting history as he comes into ICAN’s care now ready to find his perfect forever home. He first came to ICAN’s notice a while back as an unneutered male, along with another unneutered male, who had been taken in because they seemed to be surviving completely on their own.

ICAN took care of the unneutered part right away and since then Ollie #2 has been adjusting to being in a home environment, without other animals and we’ve been finding out more about his likes and dislikes along the way.

At first he was very skittish and we gave him time to hide in safe shelter conditions until he became comfortable with humans. Ollie had been exposed to other animals and young children, was litter trained and was used to being an indoor/outdoor cat. For example, he was amiable to being brushed and petted when we first met him.

There is just something about Ginger Cats that is unique! Male Ginger cats have a reputation of being assertive, vocal and active and Ollie is a mover and a shaker!
He is curious about everything and likes to be busy. He is quite taken with laser toys and enjoys being held and brushed. He is playful, calm, friendly and very social. He loves to run and chase after his humans as they move about, so would likely be entertained if there were children in the house.

Ollie#2 is VERY affectionate with his humans, and would prefer to be the only cat in the household. While he has been exposed to other cats on his journey here, he also seems to love having family to himself. We are not sure if he has been exposed to dogs.

If we could describe Ollie in one word, it would be “SASSY”! He likes to chirp and talk back to his humans. If you call him he will come and respond usually, and he is very affectionate with humans, he likes to roll around at your feet and is a total pet hog.

We think Ollie would benefit by being in a safe situation (fenced or protected outdoor zone) where he could continue to indulge his love of being outside and chasing critters!

He has recently had a really good haircut as you can see, so he’s ready to meet his new family anytime! Come meet Ollie by calling for an appointment to: 250-341-7888.