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Fluffy (aka Orca)

Orca-homeUpdate on Orca! 

Hi everyone.

Orca  seems to be settling in OK.  She spent the first 2 days mostly behind a couch in the TV room, partly also because I was out most of those 2 days.

Yesterday and today she has made more appearances.  She’s a great head-butter, and also likes to lick my stroking hand a lot.

Dewd is not so keen on the arrangement at the moment. He occasionally hisses and growls at her and then runs away.  Although they have occasionally got within sniffing distance.

Orca doesn’t seem to be fazed by the growling, and generally ignores it.  Both of them are now cautious, and come creeping out of a room checking for the existence of the other!

She’s more confident when Dewd is not around, ie he’s outside, and then she jumps up on the kitchen table and counter top.

Orca currently weighs 3.6kg (to Dewd’s 6.3kg), but she appears to be keen to increase her weight. She’s eating lots of wet and dry food.

She’ll be OK.  I just have to persuade Dewd that she’s OK, and that I still love him as well.

It’s a challenge being a cat psychologist!

 Update, same day….  

An interesting development about 2 hours ago. After sniffing Orca’s bum, Dewd has decided she’s OK.  This happened while I was preparing supper.  2 photos attached.

So now they’re hanging out together.

As I said before:  It’s a challenge being a cat psychologist!