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Male – Black – Longhair … Estimated birthdate: September 5, 2020

Passion is a real sweetheart. He is a cuddly, affectionate and fearless long haired, mostly black kitten.
In his foster home, he is currently enjoying the company of a gentle giant of a dog who is shepard/rottie and over 80 pounds.
That’s what we mean when we say fearless 🙂  

We don’t know Passion’s background. He was found wandering alone outside in a field, hungry and dirty with matted fur. Passion displays the lack of knowledge about being a cat that comes from early separation from his mum. He is still learning some of the things he needs to know to be a healthy kitten. 

Frequent brushing with a toothbrush is helping him learn how to clean himself with his tongue. Because he’s a long-haired cat, this skill will be extremely important to help him develop good grooming habits. Currently he needs a little bum wash with a warm, moist soft cloth after each trip to the litter box to keep him clean and fresh – all part of what ICAN Foster Volunteers do to help little beauties like Passion on their way to their forever family.

November 12, 2020 Update:

Our little man has come along way in the last few weeks. He started at a scant 685g when he was brought into ICAN.  Slowly he learned how to eat kibble along with his wet food and has steadily gained weight and muscle With his newly developed strength he is happy to climb up and down the stairs! He is now at 1080g which means he’s big enough for his neuter surgery. A huge milestone! 

Passion is as cuddly and affectionate as always and purrs like mad whenever anybody comes near him. His eye colour has stabilized into a beautiful gray-green. It’s hard to tell with kittens this young, but it looks like he’s going to have a double coat that is long, silky and luxurious.

All our hard work with the toothbrush has really paid off and he’s now practicing  licking his paws and wiping his own face.

ADOPTED – November, 2020