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Polar – Male

TAB Birthdate: Sept 28 2011

Polar is a big fellow with a healthy ginger coat and he just loves to be loved.   He will come and talk to you and follow you around just to let you know how much he enjoys your time and affection.    Petting and brushing are among his favorite ways to let you know how much he enjoys your time and company.

Rescued after being up a power pole for 3 days,  we think he has had a rough go of it in life.  He was quite hand shy, but that has changed since he has been with us at ICAN.   Now he is in a safe place with people he can trust, we have seen him blossom into  a sweet little man who just needs a good home.

Polar can easily be an indoor/outdoor cat providing he is in a protected area.  He has good cat instincts and will be happy to keep your home free of mice.     He has the biggest paws we have ever seen.

ADOPTED November 2, 2016