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Pumpkin #2


Pumpkin was in bad shape when she was saved from the streets by an amazing couple. After coming into ICAN’s care Pumpkin was moved to a wonderful foster home where she could receive the attention and medical care she needed. Pumpkin has Stage 2 Kidney Disease and requires special food, vet checkups, and medication. Pumpkin just had surgery to remove a cyst and she is recovering!
Due to Pumpkin’s medical needs she has been placed in a foster home rather than staying at the shelter so she can receive the constant care she requires. Without foster homes cats with special needs would not receive the care that they deserve in order to live their lives to the fullest. We can’t imagine how bad Pumpkin would be suffering if it weren’t for the couple who rescued her and notified ICAN, now Pumpkin has a wonderful foster home, lots of love, and the medical care she requires.
Pumpkin’s medical costs are ongoing and adding up and ICAN would appreciate any help you are able to give! If you can’t donate, please share