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Sam and Chloe

Brother and Sister adopted!

Chloe & Sam

Chloe & Sam came into our lives as foster “kids” and there was no turning back – we waited on pins and needles for the 5 day waiting period to end so they could become our “forever” dogs. We’ve had dogs our whole lives and just this year lost two of our wonderful loving friends – we weren’t sure we would ever want another dog until these two wonderful clowns came into our lives.

Chloe & Sam are like twins (and yes they are sister and brother) – they do everything together even eat out of the same bowl – there was no way on this earth you could ever separate them without causing great anxiety to them both so needless to say we now have an “instant:” family and couldn’t be happier. Our cat on the other hand is not quite as excited about her new siblings but she is slowly warming up to them – they are very curious about her and just want to play — she on the other hand is not quite ready just yet to trust them completely but time is on their side and she will cozy up sooner than later.

Inside they are amazing – very quiet and so well-behaved. Outside you see a whole new side of them – they love to play, run and greet everyone they see. Chloe is still a bit timid but is learning to trust again – what a warm wonderful feeling it is to see her not shy away when you reach out to pet her and she is slowly learning that her tail is for wagging!! Sam is definately the strong one and the protector – “no one will ever hurt my sister” and Chloe basks in his protectiveness. We have considered nicknaming him Thumper as his tail never stops. He is far more trusting yet still has a wariness about him especially when Chloe is around.

We have been blessed once again with these two fabulous animals and thank ICAN, Lana and all those that made it possible for us to adopt them – having them in our family has lessened the pain of losing our other dogs and given us a happy outlook once again. Thank you also to Tanya for the fabulous pictures you took – they are amazing and we know it was no easy feat to get those two to sit still outside long enough to get anything but a blur!!!

The joy of animals is your life is endless and it is extra special when you know you saved them from possible harm or unhappiness. We wish everyone could feel the contentment we once again have in our hearts adopting Chloe and Sam – they give us more than we will ever be able to give them.

Nothing is more wonderful than looking into the eyes of your dogs and seeing total love and trust coming from them. If people could only feel half of the love we feel for our dogs, there would be no shelters. The love an animal gives is so wonderful and unconditionly honest – all they ask for is love in return.

Welcome home Chloe and Sam – we promise to always love and protect you.

Your “forever” Dad & Mom