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Male – Tuxedo Longhair – Estimated birthdate: Sept 8, 2019

Renamed: Paddy

Sean is one of 3 kittens brought to ICAN for socialization and neutering after being born in a farm yard. His siblings are Shavon and Sheena . All three are in ICAN foster care at the moment.

Sean is an unassuming long hair boy sporting a handsome tuxedo with white gloves and socks. He is skittish but not hissy. He too is processing having human beings in his orbit.

These little ones are very playful with each other, doing the usual kitten things of rolling around together, chasing up and down the sofa, ambushing a brother or sister that unwittingly strolls by, rolling balls, rabbit kicking toy mice and climbing their cat post. A cardboard box open in one end with a little hole at the other end that’s just the right size to poke a front leg through to tease a sibling on the other side of the box is great fun.

Update:  Nov 11, 2019
Sean is quite bonded with his sister Sheena and watching these two play and cuddle together is a delight!   On his own he is an active, curious little ball of fluff.  Soft hair and the cutest little white whiskers that give him a baby look.  Sean is also a bit of a talker.  He’s got a real easy going vibe to him; he just kind of goes about his business of playing or sleeping – as it comes.  He’s up for activity whenever there is anything interesting going on, otherwise he just explores on his own.   A real little cutie who is going to love having his own forever home to settle into. 

ADOPTED December 2019