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shimmer-11_28_16-139 shimmer-11_28_16-140Shimmer – Female

Est. Birth Date:  Sept 6, 2016

Brown/grey torti girl
Shimmer is the shyest of the girls but she’s still a friendly and outgoing girl.   Just a little bit more reserved than Shilie and Sandy.

Shimmer has an amazing dark orange blaze on her nose/forehead and on top of her head is another lovely patch of this torti color.

She’s the typical playful girl though and absolutely LOVES teaser toys. She would chase one for hours along with her sisters. Shimmer really enjoys the kitten tunnel as well.  She will often lay down in it for a nap after a good hard play. Once she’s burned off some energy, she’s happy to settle down for a snuggle.

ADOPTED December 7, 2016