Rescuing, Sheltering and Rehoming Companion Animals in the Columbia Valley of BC since 2007


Smoothie – Male – Black with some white hairs on chest, small tufts of fur on ear tips

Est. Birthdate:  August 31, 2015

Smoothie was found as a stray and is currently fostered in an outdoor enclosure by an ICAN Volunteer.   He was posted on Facebook as found, but no one claimed him.
Smoothie is being kept company by another stray found in same location a couple of days later.   We have named him Matt.  They instantly became friends when they were introduced.   It is quite unusual for 2 male cats to accept each other and bond so quickly, and we are hoping that whoever adopts these little fellows would be receptive to taking them as a pair.   They are very friendly and enjoy cuddling with humans.

Matt is still a little unsure of us humans at times, but neither Matt nor Smoothie have displayed any aggression. They are OK with dogs.    They are comfortable being outdoor cats and if you have a suitable yard or farm area, they would be delighted to be adopted as a set.

Adopted May 1, 2019