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snoball-11_28_16-167Snoball – Male

Est. Birth Date:   Sept 6, 2016

Orange and white short haired tabby boy
Snoball is the biggest of the bunch but don’t let his size fool you. He’s also one of the most timid with new people or seeing new things. He will eventually come out and explore, but he is the type of kitty to sit back and watch his more outgoing siblings check things out first. It doesn’t’ seem to take long and once he’s confident to get out and about, he’s all in and a bundle of fun.

Snoball absolutely LOVES small lightweight fluffy balls. He’ll gladly play for hours with one. He loves them so much, he will pack one around in his mouth and growl if any of his siblings attempt to take his favorite quarry.  He’s an independent soul so isn’t one to take to instant cuddling with strangers. But once he gets to know you, he will gladly accept a bit of snuggling… but it takes a bit of time for him to get to know you first.

Snoball is currently in foster care and he is a little cutie.
ADOPTED FEBRUARY 1, 2017 along with Ferri who was also an ICAN rescue.