Rescuing, Sheltering and Rehoming Companion Animals in the Columbia Valley of BC since 2007


Sparky – Male – Tuxedo

Estimated Birthdate:   May 10,2018

Sparky is one of 3 felines (Sher, Sunny and Sparky) that were found surviving alone in Canal Flats RV park area.   Sher, the adult cat and suspected Mom to at least one of the kittens, was brought in to ICAN first.  The next day Sunny and Sparky arrived and it was a quite interesting to watch the reunion and how they had missed each other for those 24 hours.   The 3 are very bonded at the moment and we hope integration with other cats at ICAN will help to diminish that need to be together.  They are being fostered at the home of an ICAN Volunteer and for now appear to be happy to be in a safe nurturing environment.

Sparky while  still a firecracker has stopped with the swatting, hissing and running away.  He can be handled in any which way without protesting but has yet to purr.  His eyes are full of mischief at all times, he’s a real character !


ADOPTED September 29, 2018