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Hi, SparKee here reporting in to you:


I want to tell you about my “new” life, man~~~I hit pay dirt!

When I came to my foster home, I was really unkempt but someone that was called a groomer came and got me and WOW,I got a bath and a haircut!I was scared and tried to bully her but she knew I was only bugging her because it felt soooo good. People now said I was cute, can you imagine that at 10 yrs. old?

I got back to my foster home to find that I was now to eat top of the line hard dog food. No people food here.Someone at ICAN said I must get neutered(shudder) AND get my teeth cleaned! Well, my foster Mom made sure I went to the Vet and he did those tasks. I didn’t know what a Vet was but now I do and he was so nice and the girl cleaned my teeth so well, I came from there a new man. Not sure who ICAN is but I know I like them! I live with 2 cats and a girl dog.She is a bit bossy and pouty at times but I really like her and the cats. I even get to sleep on the bed with everyone!

People came to my house, talked about me and wanted to be friends. That was ok but I didn’t want to go anywhere with them.  I don’t know what a failed foster means but I know I am well taken care of and loved. I also can live here forever with all my new friends.

Thank you ICAN, the Vet and his capable staff and my foster Mom for this new life!