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Spikey and Muffin

Spikey is a 8 year old male. He is one big cat with an even bigger heart. He is on the quiet, reserved side but likes being pet and shows his appreciation with the loudest, vibrating purrs. Our lion king but without the roar, chilled and a gentleman.
Muffin is a 8 year old male. He is a big, shy cat but is so very sweet and affectionate. He enjoys being pet and snuggling. He may be timid but he is such a sweet boy who will melt your heart from the get go.
Spikey and Muffin love being curled up with each other in any cozy environment. They have enjoyed an indoor only lifestyle so far and are litter box trained. Spikey and Muffin are bonded along with their mother Lulu and to keep them together discounted adoption fees are offered. Do you have the purrfect spot for them?