Rescuing, Sheltering and Rehoming Companion Animals in the Columbia Valley of BC since 2007


MALE – Brown & Tan Tabby – Estimated birthdate: APRIL 30, 2018

Spydie was surrendered along with his housemate named Ollie #2 . Both intact males when they arrived, of course neither will be leaving ICAN that way.

Both these young fellows had been living in a home, but had begun to spray, and so were brought into us for neutering and vaccinations, and socializiation towards finding them new homes.

At first they were very skitterish and we gave them time to hide in safe shelter conditions until they got comfortable with new humans. In their prior home they were good with other animals and young children were litter trained and used to being indoor/outdoor cats. They were for example amiable to being brushed and petted.

Ollie #2

Come meet Ollie and Spydie.  These two are such clowns.  Ollie is a mover and a shaker – he is curious about everything and likes to be busy. Spydey on the other hand, enjoys his naps with the odd playtime breaks.  Like any two male siblings, these two play too rough with each other at times, but it’s all in good fun as far as we can tell!   Both these boys are extremely affectionate, Spydey just takes a bit more time to warm up in new surroundings ❤  Spydie also has a pretty good RGF (resting grumpy face)

ADOPTED February, 2021