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Male – Black & White
Estimated birthdate: October 22, 2020

Staley is one of 4 kittens who came to us via TNR project – rescued from a local ranch.

Staley will melt into you when he’s held. He was the first of his siblings to realize how good life is now that he is warm and getting regular loving. 

He has a funny grumpy look, but don’t let that fool you! He was a little intimidated by some of the older kittens when he was rooming with them, but now he is in foster care his Foster Mom has this to say about him:- “Staley is somewhat shy but he loves to be stroked and begs for more when you stop. He has never used his claws or teeth. He loves to play with ping pong balls and his buddy Lightning. “

He’ll be even happier if you or someone just like you comes around, meets him, falls in love and takes him to his own forever home.

Staley is neutered and is available for adoption now! Give us a call at 250-341-7888 to make an appointment to meet this little charmer who is currently in ICAN foster care along with another ICAN rescue (Lightning) who looks SO MUCH like him, that we would not be surprised if they were Mom and Kitten. They were rescued by ICAN 5 weeks apart, but from the same area. You may find yourself wanting to take both these little cuties home – a matched set so to speak 🙂


Can you tell who is who? Staley is on the left – Lightning is on the right 🙂