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Sunshine – Malesunshine-11_28_16-134

Est. Birth Date:  Sept 6, 2016

Orange fluffy tabby boy…
Sunshine is a quiet kitten. He often is found sitting near a wall or piece of furniture watching his siblings run rambunctiously around. He does eventually partake in play. He prefers small fluffy mice toys with a tail that he can use to carry them around.

He’ll happily bat a mouse about on his own or, at times, he will gladly wrestle with his siblings. Sunshine seemed to really enjoy the kitten toy that is shaped like a donut with a small ball inside that rolls around but that can’t get out.  Sunshine comes across as a “old soul” kitten. Contemplative.  He doesn’t come outright for cuddles but if you pick him up and hold him like a baby, stroking his belly, he’ll relax and hang out for some love.


ADOPTED December 16, 2016