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Sweet Pea


Sweet Pea at 6 weeks


Sweet Pea at 4 months

Sweet Pea was one of 5 kittens who came to us after being orphaned at 3 weeks of age.   Fostering duties were shared between two of our volunteers and it became evident during the next 3 weeks that Sweet Pea, the smallest of the litter had some challenges.   We weren’t sure she was going to grow and develop normally, so she came off the adoption list and onto our special needs program.

It is important to mention that as we researched solutions for Sweet Pea’s initial medical condition, we found that most shelters recommended euthanasia.   ICAN opted to invest in veterinary assessment and quality foster care in the belief that we might be able to turn this around and have a positive outcome.

Veterinary care was given, options explored and she was taken into the permanent care of one of her foster mothers.    As we update and post her for the first time, we are happy to report that she is developing well now.   Slow to begin, at the age of 6 months she is now healthy and active with such a beautiful spirit and special personality.   She is a unique little girl, who has bonded particularly well with the male adult cat in her new family.

She talks often, and in the cutest little squeak, loves to play and to curl up in her basket alone, or next to her “brother” Chico (who was also an ICAN rescue from 2008).

If you had to describe Sweet Pea in a few words, those would include “full of life”, affectionate, frisky and playful.    For those of us at ICAN the words would be inspirational and reaffirming.