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tabi-9-25-16tabi-09-25-16Tabi – Male

TAB Birthdate:   August 16, 2016

Found with 4 siblings at Lakeside Pub area; person who saw them had heard them crying all day so we believe their mum went missing, not just away hunting.   Currently in ICAN foster care.

We had to do a name change on this little guy, once we found out “Tabitha” was a he and not a she 🙂

Hi I’m Tabi ( pronounced Tabby ) because there was a bit of confusion early on and the humans thought I was a girl ( to which I feel slightly insulted ) so for a while I was named Tabitha.  After it became quite apparent that I was really a guy, they had to think fast so now I’m just Tabi.

I’m looking for my forever home and promise that I’ll be a wonderful, easy going, personable companion who will adjust to lots of different home life scenario’s if necessary.  I’m confident and outgoing and let’s not forget very lovable, oh and throw in pretty good looking too.  My foster mom would love to answer questions about me if you’re at all interested.

ADOPTED October 31, 2016