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Kitten Crusade – Ongoing Commitment!

Kitten-Crusade-2013-Final.page1_Do you have unwanted, unexpected or wild kittens at your home in the Columbia Valley?  ICAN can help!

Through our ICAN Kitten crusade we accept all kittens (space at the shelter permitting) from individuals who are looking for homes for them.  We can absolutely guarantee that all kittens brought to us will  receive the best care, attention and love while with us and that we will seek the same for the homes they are adopted into.  All kittens will be spayed or neutered and vaccinated before being adopted.

Year after year, we see and hear of multiple litters of kittens who are looking for homes.  These kittens are often given away for free and are not spayed or neutered, thus potentially adding to the pet overpopulation problem.

As our thanks to you, we will have the Momma cat spayed free of charge, so you never have to worry about unexpected or unwanted litters again!

The #1 rule of this program is that ICAN must receive all kittens in the litter.  If you find homes for a couple on your own, unfortunately, we will not be able to spay the mom at no charge.

Please call us at 341-7888 if you would like to discuss this opportunity with us.  We are eager to help, no matter what your circumstances are!