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STATUS UPDATE:   ADOPTED NOVEMBER 2015  – New name is Finnegan 

Hello World!   My name is Vinnie Barbarino.    Approximate date of birth is Sept 29, 2015.

As I am now about 5 weeks old, I am making my first appearance on social media.

Two and a half weeks ago, some very kind ladies found me all alone, cold, scared, and hungry.  They called ICAN, who found me a foster home that very same day.  I was only 2.5 weeks old, and weighed 298 gms.  Tiny and helpless.

But, having been bottle fed, kept warm, and  showered with lots of love and attention, I am doing very well.  A happy, playful, energetic young man, now tipping the scales at 596 gms.

I’m still too young to be adopted, but thought you’d like to meet me, and perhaps I could find a new family towards the end of November.    I won’t be available for viewing until after November 15th.

I’ll be seeing YOU!


P.S.   I love to cuddle!

Vinnie-11-14-15UPDATE:    Nov 14, 2015

Hello World! It’s me…Vinnie Barbarino. It’s been a few weeks since my debut, however, I’ve been very busy growing. Almost 7 wks. old now, my foster parents want to tell you, I am full of mischevious kitten antics, and am way too cute. I play hard, then…sleep hard, especially when cuddled in their arms. I LOVE to cuddle. Although I am about 3 weeks away from being “big” enough to be adopted, I am working on growing as fast as I can . Bye for now. Kitten Kisses…Vinnie