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Zippo (Ratty)

Reported Lost August, 2015.  Turned into ICAN – as a found animal Nov 25, 2015.   REUNITED WITH OWNER – November 26, 2015

Ratty-Ziggy-12-2015Ratty went missing in August near Sobeys!  He went home today with his family.   This is the one that ICAN had named Zippo.

The family was overjoyed but it took them a long time to figure out if it was really Ratty or not.  They took him home to find out and sure enough, he loved up on their dogs, just like he used to and he also rode in the car just like he always used to, sitting up on the seat like a statue!

Black cat with a very small bit of white on chest. Very friendly. Light green eyes.   Missing from the Sobey’s parking lot. Medium size – named Ratty.