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Lucy – Female – Tabby (Feral – Spayed via ICAN)

Estimated Birth Date:  Nov 10, 2016

We are very happy to report that we have managed to finally trap the kitty at Lussier Hot Springs.

We have no idea how she ended up there but we are so happy that kitty is finally out of the cold!   Lucy was found out in the bush and she is very frightened.

Lucy needs a safe, warm barn, or someone who is willing to spend the time to work with her to get her over her fears. She seems to enjoy being petted sometimes, but other times, she is terrified. She is a very small lady

Lucy is Feral so we are looking for a farm where she could become a barn cat.

Lucy has a wonderful opportunity to be rehabilitated by the very sweet Lacey Venturea. Lacey is very patience and has worked her magic on many other feral cats like Lucy.  Pending

ADOPTED November 30, 2017