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Female – Orange Tabby …. Birthdate: October 21, 2019

Twix  – well she is unique as well. Only about 20 percent of Orange-Ginger Tabby’s are female — it’s genetics. The X chromosome is responsible for the orange coloring.  Females possess two Xs and males possess XY.

This enchanting little girl was born while in ICAN foster care, along with her siblings, TonyTaz, Tally and Torti and they have been nurtured with their cat Mom, Cookie . All have turned into healthy and playful little darlings.

Twix was the first born. She reached milestones far ahead of the other kittens early on. She has a quiet loving disposition. ❤️🐾

She loves to play with her siblings and she was the first to eat off of a plate. She still loves to cuddle and was very accepting to nurse from a syringe when that was necessary. She loves the dog who is resident at her foster home and seems just fascinated by her!

ADOPTED January 2020